Parents’ and children’s consultation Department

This is an effort to pave the way for the parents and their children to have a close relationship, to interact intimately and to open up about their problems. In this program, we attempt to prevent or handle behavioral problems, to decrease psychological pressure, and more specifically, to focus on students’ fears, anxieties, and learning disorders. A wide range of psychological tests are also applied for more accurate assessments, for instance: IQ, creativity, social skills and so on.
It in a known fact that children develop cognitive skills rapidly in the first few years of life and build on them progressively throughout grade school. Accordingly, this department makes utmost endeavors to develop these skills effectively. That is students learn how to think critically, stay focused, be creative, produce novel ideas, make friends and the like. In addition, Parent’s and children’s consultation Department plans and runs workshops with topics of interest such as parenting styles, mother-child relationship so on so forth.
To accomplish the above-mentioned tasks, the Parent’s and Children’s Consultation Department have developed educational programs, to name a few:

P 4 C – Philosophy for Children

The importance of thinking and teaching how to think is a fact of vital importance, which could be effectively achieved through teaching philosophy. Studies have revealed that a large number of students do not have the ability to reason and make judgment correctly. Therefore, according to Libman’s theory, Alavi Institute has prepared a course entitled P 4 C.
P 4 C taps children’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder and is dedicated to empowering them to make sense of themselves, and the world around them, through philosophical inquiry. Through this course, with the assistance of stories and scenarios, the teacher attempts to deepen students’ understanding, improve students’ analysis skills, encourage them to take part in discussions and the like.
P 4 C has been run in over 50 countries and been proved eminently effective in terms of improving students’ thinking and reasoning skills.


According to Gardner’s theory all human beings have multiple intelligences. As both is Gardner’s theory and in that of Montessori’s, these intelligences are views as a means to problem solving. Therefore, Alavi Primary Schools has ensured the application of teaching methods that nurtures the Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence, Mathematical-Logical Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Kinesthetic Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Naturalist Intelligence, as well as creative and independent thinking skills.

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