Chain Schools

Alavi Primary Schools, all across the country, are established and run as unified chain schools. Accordingly, a considerable number of students and parents would benefit from the high standard educational services provided by the central headquarter office.

The managerial policy is based upon the following measures and criteria:
1. A unified, standard academic and administrative calendar.
2. A unified educational system being applied in all the branches.
3. Unified educational contents to be applied by well-trained teachers across the country.
4. Applying Immersion Method of teaching General English and English for Specific Purposes.
5. Utilizing different types of media and electronic educational equipment such as fingerprint access control machine to check daily attendance register, SMS system and so forth.
6. Utilizing matching textbooks, workbooks and teaching materials in accordance with the educational system of Alavi Primary Schools.
7. Standard budgeting as well as lesson plans and assignment plans
8. Synchronized descriptive, analytic and multiple choice tests and evaluations held at the same time in all branches across the country.
9. Presenting similar extra-activity programs based on standard curriculum, budgeting and lesson plans
10. Holding congruent sport and artistic events in order to create a positive and joyful competitive atmosphere among different branches through holding contests, exhibitions and so on.
11. Providing consultation sessions for parents, constant health and hygiene monitoring, in addition to healthy diets across all branches.
12. Educational, cultural and sports setting designed by the Architecture and Design Unit of Alavi Institute.
13. Quality Control systems supervising and evaluating outputs and ongoing performances of each branch considering parents’ comments and complains.

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