Problem-solving Approach

Nowadays, Learning is defined as the acquisition of knowledge through experiencing which leads to the modification of existing knowledge, behaviors, attitudes or preferences. That being the case, students guided by the teacher and with the help of other peers, are to confront new problems the way a researcher does. Thus, through arousing curiosity, students feel eagerly motivated to learn. This changes the role of teacher from a source of knowledge passing information to students in an inactive learning atmosphere to a leader who helps eager students strive to find out the new pieces of information.
The advantages of teaching through problem-solving method is as follows:
 Effective learning through applying subjects in a variety of contexts
 Confronting students with unexpected situations and guide them how to successfully handle such conditions
 Ensuring students have mastered and are able to effectively apply steps of the scientific method.

 Learning environment in Alavi Primary Schools are not solely restricted to the classroom but is to constantly maintained. To this end:
 Alavi’s textbooks and activity books enjoy two characters to practice asking and answering questions with an approach to problem solving
 All teachers’ books and lesson plans have been composed applying problem solving method
 Six weeks are dedicated to practicing problem solving skills in each grade school
 Students are grouped according to their talents and interest in special classes to work on life skills and values
 Teachers, applying a unified budgeting as well as their own creativity, plan and execute purposeful educational scenarios to foster students’ potential talents

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