Schools with an International Perspective

Having carefully studied world’s successful international school systems, Alavi Primary Schools aim to raise a generation that is perfectly familiar with their native Iranian-Islamic beliefs and values and is also able to live a peaceful life in the Global Village. Thus, through proper education system, students would be well-equipped with the essential tools to achieve the best possible results.
After graduation, our students would be able to:
Think and speak in English
Act independently in making decisions and managing their learning styles and strategies
Join the ever-changing global village while having had their Iranian-Islamic values internalized
Take part in particular education courses to be prepared for international tests
In Alavi Primary Schools students are encouraged to develop a multidimensional point of view, that is, as an international citizen they will have absorbed their Islamic cultural values as the major part of their identity; while at the same time they have learnt how to look beyond the horizon.

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