Quality Control Unit

The Unit of Quality Control is undoubtedly one of the rudimentary bases of every organization to ensure the final efficiency and effectiveness. The main purpose of this section is to promote the students’ educational and scientific level. Quality Control Unit works under the direct supervision of Alavi’s founders.
In Alavi Institute any process is defined based on the Deming Cycle, which comprises four main axis: planning, performance, check and action. This thinking style broadens our visions so much so that we view educational process as an ever-growing way of providing families with educational services. That is to detect the flaws and plan to improve them. Therefore, considering key activities of the institute, the distribution of the branches across the country, and vital importance of the quality control and revision of educational plans, this section evaluates the performance of all the other sections.
There are several tasks for which the Quality Control Unit is responsible. To name a few:
• Conducting continual surveys
• Carrying out periodic as well as random standard inspections
• Evaluating teachers and other personnel’s performance
• Comparing students’ performance to the reports received from the branches
• Making a unified educational, cultural and academic calendar; cooperating with other sections and monitoring their work

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